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NCIS: New Haven

Spent a lovely weekend at the National Council for Independent Scholars, chairing the "Digital Tools Explored and Applied" panel and presenting on my own Digital Humanities work developing curriculum, exhibits and documentaries with the Krueger-Scott collection and the Newest Americans project. Other members of my panel included Lauren Tilton, architect of the truly amazing Photogrammar site, Yale Computer Scientist Holly Rushmeier and Quinnipiac's Ben Bogardus, who gave an excellent hands-on how-to podcasting demonstration.

Also notable was the presentation by digital jill-of-all-trades Nancy Florio (pictured) whose presentation "Free and Open-Access: The Creation of Digital Memorials and Cultural Archives" drew on her own experience with both digital archives and memorial projects to suggest ways in which scholars can utilize database resources in their own research. She was also just a right-on cat.

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